The web–site of Printers and Printing History in the Carpathian Basin

With the webpage the intention of the National Széchényi Library is to make the most recent findings and registered data accessible to the general public. Besides the most essential information, additional knowledge will also be provided to researchers and other interested readers. As a first step the first century of Hungarian printing history is displayed, i.le. from the beginnings (1473) to the end of the 16th century, and now it is continued until 1635. Within larger chronological sections printing history is arranged and displayed according to printing places and workshops. The activity and history of the individual printing shops is completed with the ornaments,, mostly wood-cut illustrations, decorated initials and printing types as they can be reconstructed from the products of the respective press.
A short list of the most important literature is also given including recent publications on the subject.

Department for 15-18th century book history.