The Clavis Typographorum Regionis Carpathicae is a database for printing and publishing that includes all data of printing houses and publishers working in the actual territory of the Hungarian state from the beginnings of local printing in 1473 to its nationalisation in 1948. This means about 525 printing places, more than 5500 presses and nearly 7400 persons and institutions. The database gives information about places with all the presses and publishers working there. In a further step of search one is informed about all the data (persons, dates) connected with a printing press or a publishing house. Searching for personal names the hits will include the locality and the printer or publisher active at a given place. In the database the places are given in the Hungarian authority form, displaying all the national place name variants as wll as the Latin name. The latter is helped by the search possibility "Place name variants". As the Clavis Typographourm database is continuously built and still in work, at present the most complete data are at our disposal from the period already finished on the Hand press period homepage, i. e. the years 1473-1572.